Healthy Buildings, Healthy People

Working with Health and Wellness Groups

The National Indoor Air Quality Institute sees a natural bond with anyone working in the health, wellness, and therapy service areas.  Health and wellness service are very focused on the health problems of patients.  Their work is therapeutic, dietary, medical treatments, and training.

What is often overlooked is the various indoor environments that impact patients.  It is well-known that the environmental issues may be a factor that contribute to the medical or health issues of the patient.

The IAQ Specialist works with community leaders, healthcare providers, allergy services, and property management to test buildings and provide basic steps to create a healthy workplace, school, store, or office.

NAQI sees the value of working with these groups to promote "Healthy Buildings for Healthy People.

  • The Mayor's Office or local Health Department
  • Wellness and Health organizations
  • Environmental Awareness groups
  • Allergy doctors and Wellness services
  • Asthma and Allergy support groups
  • Property management groups
  • Chiropractic and Diet management