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IAQ Specialist Course

IAQ Training100% Online with 8 hours of Video, Test & Certificate  

When I started into my business using ozone and treating odors more than a decade ago.  I gradually saw the need to do more than treat odors.  As an aspiring professional with hopes of building a very profitable business, I tried all types of products.  I even dared to talk to dozens of the more successful people in the industry.  I discovered that a lot of the hype on the Internet was only partially true and heavily weighted with hype.  Ozone generator promoters promise anything to sell their machines and offered little more than a leaflet to help their customers get started.  

Odors and ozone is a small segment of the larger industry called Indoor Air Quality.  There is an eco-environment in every building that may be invisible but has huge implications on lifestyle and long-term health.  Yes, odors are a common problem that we encounter.  Our IAQ training allows you to solve many kinds of indoor environmental issues.

BIG NEWS:  New rules make bring Sick & Toxic Buildings under OSHA rules, including the ability to mandate expensive modifications and impose large fine.  As an IAQ Specialist, your efforts can mitigate and prevent workplace issues, legal actions, and agency fines.

There are particulates from many sources including mold spores.  There are bacteria and viruses.  Then are a great variety of contaminants and pollutants.  We are told that indoor air can often be five times more polluted than the outside air.  Commercial buildings and homes are closed systems that recycle the same air, though filtered, throughout building day-after-day.  If you are astute enough to see the immense opportunity here, you might want to take our IAQ Specialist course.

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Two Options

Indoor Air Quality TrainingWe see the emergence of a new and permanent service industry.  New and ugly diseases are here to stay.  New versions of bacterial and viral versions will kill thousands of people every year.  However, nearly all sanitizing services ignore the indoor air quality, and actually make the building more toxic.

As a trained IAQ Specialist, you have the ability to provide guidance, training, and proactive measures REQUIRED BY OSHA for all workplaces.  With 30% of any workforce experiencing mild to harsh health due to sick and toxic building problems.

Building detoxification programs are relatively simple regardless of the level of ambient threat.  The ability to resolve building issues and resolve employee hazards is yet another level of service that we can deliver in a Green and eco-safe manner.